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Assault on Starlight Citadel

Summary: The heroes return to the elves too late and find the corrupted Starlight Citadel almost ready to appear. They undertake a perilous mission to trap the citadel and the demon Iyetrayoo in the Shadowfell. The mysterious Malrite makes his return.
Takes place 5th of Mirtul (The Melting) through 15th of Kythorn (The Time of Flowers) in the year 1478DR (The Year of the Dark Circle)

The party waited around several more nights before they accepted that something had gone wrong and no portal from the Star Sextant would be forthcoming. In order to speed them on their way home, the people of New Breen, still grateful for the heroes’ aid, agreed to provide their best sailors to crew the party’s ship. The heroes made good time sailing back across the Sea of Fallen Stars until they were attacked by a kraken. The adventurers killed the beast but it severely damaged the ship. It was late at night when they finally limped into port at Lyrabar.

The harbor patrol stopped the party and informed them that the city was under martial law. The guards informed them that unless they knew someone in the city that would vouch for them that they would be confined to their ship. The heroes let the guards know that they were friends of the Broken One Monks. The patrol escorted the party to the monk’s monastery. Along the way they found out the reason that the city was under martial law was because awhile ago a mysterious floating tower had appeared over the Gray Forest. It was apparently now public knowledge that Moon Elves were living in the forest. In addition the nation of Vaasa had recently invaded Damara, the nation directly to the north of Impiltur. The Warlock Knights of Vaasa used star-like powers similar to the theme of the Moon Elves. The Grand Council was worried that the two groups might be connected and that the flying fortress might be a precursor to an attack on Lyrabar. An army of soldiers and mercenaries had marched to Gray Forest to deal with the elves.

The patrol dropped the party off with the Broken One monks. The heroes sensed something was wrong with them and as soon as the patrol was out of earshot the monks attacked. During the fight the monks said that they had seen the wisdom of Malrite and that they were working for the betterment of the world. The heroes managed to subdue the monks. Afterwards, before they could find a way to help or further question the monks, they all used a technique to stop their own hearts. Draven was crushed as the only remaining links to his past committed suicide.

The next day the party rode out to Gray Forest with all possible haste. They could see for themselves the Starlight Citadel hovering above the center of the forest. The citadel had a strange transparent quality as if it was not fully solid. A gate, like the one created by the Star Sextant, bisected the citadel. The gate was visible even during daylight which was not supposed to be possible. The Impilturan army was present and encircling the elven city. The party recognized the crest of Count Adamas and entered his camp. The Count let the heroes know that the Grand Council had spoken with the Moon Elves. He personally did not believe that the elves were a threat, but other members of the council coveted the Start Sextant and wanted to take it by force. They had compromised on creating quarantine around the city until a further decision could be agreed upon. During that time a unit of knights comprised of members of the Order of the Golden Cup and led by Captain Aric Kern had uncharacteristically defied orders and assaulted the city. The elves had cut them down with bursts of star-like magic which had given the rest of the army pause about attacking. Count Adamas did not fully understand the elves explanation about the situation with the Starlight Citadel. The heroes managed to convince the Count that they were working in everyone’s best interest and he allowed them to ride through his post and into the city.

The party found Patono and he explained the situation. Rogan’s progression into the demon had occurred faster than anticipated. As his life force began to ebb, the enchantment on the Star Sextant began opening a gate to return the Starlight Citadel from the Shadowfell. It was all happening in slow motion because of the magic used to slow down Rogan’s aging. The settings for the Citadel had become locked into the Star Sextant thus preventing the elves from opening a gate anywhere else. That is why they were unable to retrieve the party earlier. The weird interplay of magic had even caused a ghost image of the Citadel to appear during the day which had alerted the people of Impiltur to the elves presence. Using the Sunset Quartz at that point would only have trapped events in the current state. Fortunately, the elves had a new plan but they needed the adventurer’s help. Before putting Rogan under their spells, the elves had sent a maiden to his chambers to conceive a new heir to his bloodline. The same magic that was slowing Rogan’s aging was taking the siphoned time and giving it to the maiden to speed her pregnancy. She would be ready to go into labor soon. The plan was for the heroes to take Rogan to the Starlight Citadel. When the girl went into labor they would sever the time-altering enchantment, allowing Rogan to turn into Iyetrayoo, and thus fully returning the Citadel to Impiltur. Since the enchantment on the Star Sextant did not prevent its operation using the miniature replica located in the Starlight Citadel, the heroes were to use that to open a new gate and send the Citadel back to the Shadowfell. Hopefully Rogan’s new heir would be born shortly thereafter, which would renew his bloodline, and thus once more prevent the Sextant from being used to open a portal to the Shadowfell. Iyetrayoo would be trapped in the Shadowfell with the Citadel as well.

In order to carry out the plan, the heroes needed a way to get to the Shadowfell besides the Star Sextant. Fortunately before the Sextant had been locked down, in an attempt to help Tsol with his quest, the elves had captured Kilrosh the Nightmare Horselord. Kilrosh possessed the Nightmare Horseshoes which were one of the items that Tsol needed for his quest. The Horselord also had the power to summon others of his kind which could be used to carry the party to the Shadowfell. However the beast was insane with fury after having been incarcerated. The heroes entered the pentagram where Kilrosh was trapped and fought a great battle to subdue him before he would acquiesce to their commands.
Kilrosh the Nightmare Horselord

Grateful for all that the heroes had done for them, the elves presented them with a set of armor forged from their own Galactic Anvil. When the maiden’s labor began, the adventurers took off on their Nightmare mounts flying high above the city towards the Citadel. A flight of Night Ravens descended from the Citadel, materialized, and an aerial battle ensued. During the fighting a blazing while light emerged from the shield of one of the fallen members of Order of the Golden Cup. The light shone like a giant spotlight on the bottom of the Starlight Citadel. The heroes won the battle and the Nightmares galloped on into the Shadowfell. The party was disturbed to see that the light from the shield was present even in the Shadowfell. Their mounts deposited them on the citadel and then departed.
The star-shaped citadel looked as if it were constructed entirely of glass. Enchantments laid upon the glass made it stronger than steel though. Closer inspection reveled that the glass was divided into square tiles. Each glass tile was magically capable of operating as transparent glass, a mirror, a one-way mirror. With such adaptability the residents of the tower had been capable of looking up through the tower to the night sky that they revered but also create privacy when they wished it. The center of the citadel was hollow except for a few well placed lenses and mirrors. These let the citadel act as a giant floating telescope for those looking up at the sky from the ground below. The building included a miniature replica of the Star Sextant which could be used to remotely control the device. The replica was located on a small platform in the middle of the central hollow area of the citadel.

The party realized something was wrong upon landing on the citadel. The other-worldly light was shining straight up through the “telescope” portion of the citadel. The light was so intense that they could not cross the walkway leading to the platform that held the mini-Star Sextant. In addition all of the Shadar-kai seemed to be drawn to the light and mesmerized by it. They stood transfixed in the path of the beam at the bottom of the citadel. The party found a control room located at the top of one of the five towers of the citadel. The room contained a large circular pedestal, constructed of perfectly cut white marble, and topped with a mirrored surface. Floating above the pedestal was a shard of prismatic glass. Also floating above the pedestal was an illusionary projection of a map of the citadel. Illusionary words in elvish floated around the tower indicating that the control room was in a state of alert and that the control crystal must be reassembled before any changes to the citadel’s configuration could be made. Flashing points on the map indicated that the other prismatic crystals were found at the top of the other 4 towers of the citadel.

The heroes defeated the traps and guardians watching over the other 4 prismatic crystals. As the party returned to the control room the Shadar-kai finally seemed to realize the threat and broke out of their trances. As the Shadar-kai began mobilizing to attack them the party reconstructed the crystals in the correct configuration to control the glass tiles. The heroes changed the tiles to mirrors so that the Shadar-kai could not see where to teleport to attack them. In addition they changed the bottom of the tower into a mirror which cut off the beam of light.

Prismatic Crystals
Left: Square Configuration (Controls the tiles)
Right: Star Configuration (Controls the movement of the citadel)

The party raced towards the platform with the replica Star Sextant. Eerily, a strange glow still seemed to permeate the mirrored interior of the citadel. Shadar-kai in the central shaft area of the citadel began teleporting out onto the walkway to block the player’s path. They began uttering “For Malrite” and had evidently somehow fallen under his control. The adventurers dropped Rogan into the midst of the Shadar-kai and released the aging enchantment. As he completed his transformation into Iyetrayoo the citadel shuddered and fully materialized over Gray Haven. The party could now hear Childa Bennings calling Bahardim over the sending stones saying that the baby was coming and that they had better hurry. Iyetrayoo emerged in the midst of the Shadar-kai and as they attacked each other they went tumbling over the walkway into the central shaft. All perspective of distance was lost as the party watched images of Iyetrayoo battling the Shadar-kai reflected from the mirrors all over the tower. As soon as one of the Shadar-kai would kill the demon he would instantly seem to transform into the new Iyetrayoo. The heroes ran out onto the central platform but as they did so a strange being emerged from out of the mirrored floor. Its body looked to be constructed entirely of mirrored glass. The being introduced itself as the Tear [tair] of Malrite. The Tear told them that Malrite had peered into the depths of their souls and then proceeded to create a mirror image of each character. Each image also appeared to be made of mirrored glass and had the same abilities as the person it had copied. As the heroes battled their doubles and the Tear it explained that Malrite needed the Star Sextant to release him from his prison. The Tear claimed that Malrite only wanted to stop all of the suffering in the world and urged them to join him. Reaching deep inside from within themselves the heroes found reserves of strength and ingenuity that their mirror images could not match. As they shattered the Tear of Malrite they found an astral diamond at its core which was perhaps a clue to its origin. They then used the miniature Star Sextant to create a new portal to send the Starlight Citadel back to the Shadowfell. As the portal swallowed up the building they leapt to safety and floated back down to the ground using Alkorahil’s Ring of Featherfall. From the sending stones they could hear the sounds of a baby crying. The Starlight Citadel and Iyetrayoo had been exiled to the Shadowfell. They had won.

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