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Malrite and the Monastery of the Yellow Rose

Summary: At the Monastery of the Yellow Rose, the heroes are captured and subjected to an evil ritual by the enigmatic entity known as Malrite. Later, they encounter the demon Iyetrayoo.
Takes place 14th-28th of Alturiak (The Claw of Winter) in the year 1478DR (The Year of the Dark Circle)

Opening Dialogue: “Your pulse races and your intuition cries out that you are in terrible danger. Your thoughts feel sluggish as if you have just awoken from a deep sleep. You open your eyes to reveal a grave scenario. You and a number of other people are tied to chairs that are arranged in a circle around the center of the room. The room itself appears to be temple of some sort. Large scrolls filled with intricately written religious doctrine hang from the walls. Yellow-colored roses sprout from thorny vines that climb up towards a dome-shaped ceiling. On the floor in the middle of the room, is a masterfully- carved, stone pedestal. Golden crystals arranged in a pattern that looks similar to the petals of a rose lie atop the pedestal. High above the pedestal floats a large, oblong mirror. Human monks holding candles chant solemnly in an unknown tongue from the periphery of the room. The head of a cloaked figure, whose face is obscured in shadow, appears in the mirror. The figure gestures and pieces of the mirror begin to melt away like drops of beaded mercury. The figure gestures again and the globules suddenly fly towards each prisoner. You feel the object trickling like water down your neck and then suddenly solidify into a cold, hard collar. Your feel a stab of pain as a needle extends from the collar into the back of your neck. The figure in the mirror places both hands on its temples in a display of concentration, and the crystals on the pedestal begin to hum with power. Suddenly, from the crystals comes a vibration loud enough to shake the room. Immediately following the tone, golden energy comes lancing out of the crystals towards your collars. Time loses all meaning as you feel the kaleidoscope of sound and energy assaulting your very being. Fighting back panic, you summon every bit of resolve you possess to hold out against the presence you sense gnawing away at your identity. Suddenly, the pressure relents as one of the other prisoners screams out in rage and pain. You see a ball of energy reverse its path from the prisoner’s collar and travel back down the energy beam. The moment the ball of energy strikes the crystals, they and the mirror shatter and fall to the ground. You feel your collar melt away, and in the sudden silence see the monks moan and collapse in pain. What do you do?”

The ritual left the heroes with various states of amnesia. Some accumulated “memory points” and eventually regained their past, while others had their memories permanently erased. A few retained their full memory and knew that the group was at the Monastery of the Yellow Rose. Located high atop the Earthspur Mountains of Impiltur, the monastery was home to a group of (supposedly) good monks that acted as guides over the mountains. The last thing before the ritual that these adventurers remembered was being beaten or drugged by the monks. Captured along with the heroes were four others.
Barkus: A Hillman with long, braided hair. He was dressed in blood-spattered furs and carried a large knife in a leather sheath. His face was badly bruised and beaten. He claimed his memory had been fully erased.
• Sir Alec Tidwell: A veteran, human crusader of Lathander (god of the dawn). His equipment looked well used, and his blond hair was beginning to turn grey. He claimed his memory was intact and remembered being captured by the monks.
• Rogan: A pale-skinned, adolescent moon elf. His long, dark hair fell in front of his face. He watched in terror as the events unfolded around him. He claimed, when prompted, that his memories were gone.
• A red-haired and bearded, human archer. This prisoner was the one that had somehow disrupted the ritual. He was deeply unconscious and could not be woken.

The group escaped their bonds and defeated the guards. During the fight, all the monks would say is a very monotone, “for Malrite.” After the fight, introductions were made and the situation was assessed. The monks were beholden to Ilmater, god of mercy. Known for their acts of kindness and excellent blueberry wine, nobody could figure out why the monks would attack them. None of the group had ever heard of Malrite. Everyone was anxious to leave the monastery. Barkus offered to carry the unconscious archer. While in the main hall, Sir Tidwell suddenly banged his mace on a nearby gong and simply said, “For Malrite.” This summoned an elite group of monks that echoed the phrase, “for Malrite.” The heroes defeated the monks and Sir Tidwell. As a parting shot, one of the monks lit a trapped brazier which quickly set most of the monastery ablaze with alchemical fire. A fresco of Ilmater offered the group some insight on which route to take to escape the fire. In a monk’s cell, they found a secret passage leading underneath the monastery and out through the mountainside.

Fresco of Ilmater

The group made their way to the nearby mining village of Nall and found out some more information about their travelling companions. They discovered that Barkus was a member of the village. His real name was Roland and Barkus had been the name of his dog. He had been a good person until his family had died, and then he turned into a drunken ruffian. He was beaten and exiled a few days ago for his latest crime. The villagers agreed that having his memory erased was the best thing that could have happened to him and accepted Barkus back into their midst. The archer finally woke up and revealed his name was Orpheus Quinn. He told the story of how he was hired by the Moon Elves of Gray Forest to kill the demon Iyetrayoo, and later, after completing the deed, how the elves had erased his memory. The adventurers were skeptical because the Gray Forest was supposed to be uninhabited. Now, after Malrite’s ritual he claimed that his full memory had been restored – including being “backstabbed” by the Elves. Orpheus did not remember Rogan specifically from the forest but stated that the kid had been travelling with him ever since he had his memory erased. Quinn flat out refused to associate with Rogan after that. He talked of going back to Gray Forest to get his payback. Rogan still professed not to remember anything. Urlog took Rogan under his wing as his “squire.” That night, the party was led to Sevenia, the seer for the community, who cast their future with her tarot cards. The villagers informed the group that a caravan would be stopping by in a few days that could lead them back down the mountainside towards civilization.

The caravan was run by the old dwarf Gorn Toprock and his wife Granite “Gran” Toprock. The grandparental couple led the caravan through the smaller mining villages of the mountains, trading goods for precious metals. They agreed to hire the party on as guards to provide some extra protection for the caravan on the way back down the mountain. Orpheus gravitated towards hanging out with the other guards and would not shut up about his story of killing Iyetrayoo. Along the way, the caravan was raided by a major orc attack. The heroes successfully defended their assigned flank. One orc, wearing a leather mask and wielding a magical axe with a head made of razor-sharp ice, was particularly difficult to kill. After the orcs were defeated, Urlog started using the ice axe for his weapon. On the other flank, at some point Orpheus had apparently gone berserk, charged the orcs, and almost single-handedly won that side of the fight. Afterwards he had fallen into a deep coma (again).

Later on, the heroes were helping Gorn change a broken wagon wheel when they heard screams coming from the front of the caravan. They arrived to find Orpheus had transformed into the demon Iyetrayoo and killed Gran. They fought the powerful demon. During the fight, Iyetrayoo constantly referred to himself in 3rd person and would not stop talking about how great he was. The heroes eventually wore the arrogant demon down, and the kill shot was delivered by a crossbow-bolt through the throat. They were surprised to discover the final blow came from none other than Rogan – wielding Gran’s crossbow. The caravan arrived at the town of Yurley a few days later. Rogan decided to stay on with the caravan as they journeyed further southward to lay Gran to rest.

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The demon Iyetrayoo



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