Adimarchus is a demon lord known as the “Demon Prince of Madness”. He was one of the demons that had their name inscribed on the Demonstone and had a level of the Demontower devoted to him. The heroes also fought an aspect of Adimarchus that was summoned by Tharos in the conflict atop the Demontower.
Aspect of Adimarchus

Adimarchus was once a fallen angel who led an army to invade the upper plane of Celestia. The angels of Celestia repelled the invasion by casting part of Celestia (along with Adimarchus and his army) into the Abyss, specifically, the 507th layer known as Occipitus. Despite his defeat, Adimarchus incorporated the wreckage of Celestia into the layer, and in doing so he became the ruler of Occipitus – also becoming a demon lord in the process. Adimarchus went on to build an empire in the Abyss, eventually coming into conflict with Graz’zt. Adimarchus was tricked by Graz’zt into allowing himself to be imprisoned into a demonic insane asylum. When Adimarchus realized the truth, his mind snapped and inside the asylum he truly became insane. Adimarchus has since escaped and returned to Occipitus which has become a realm of insane horrors.

First Appearance: Level 17 (aspect only)

DM’s Note: The players found the secret passage that let them bypass the Adimarchus level of the Demontower. Had the players entered his level they would have encountered a level that was like something out of an MC Escher painting gone wrong. They needed a skill challenge to escape. Failures in the challenge resulted in penalties to Will defense which would have been really bad for the next level which was Volisupula’s realm of temptation. There was also an Easter egg there with Ablair’s diary which explained how he went insane on this level and started referring to himself as a “Lord”.