This deadly, Drow Elf assassin was once a member of the party. He was assigned to accompany the heroes to Count Bereg Loroth’s manor by the faction of the Impilturan Grand Council that was corrupted by the Fraternity of Tharos. The exact motivations behind this move remain a mystery. Presumably, the fraternity expected Akneth to sabotage the mission in some way, but he never did.

Along with the rest of the party, Akneth was later targeted for assassination by the Minotaurs of clan Aortaa. He accompanied the heroes on their mission to combat the assassins, and like the rest of the party, was stranded in Vaasa. Akneth’s turn in allegiance came when the party was in the depths below Telos City. During a fight in a gigantic spider’s lair, he was knocked from the web, and disappeared for an extended length of time. Akneth later made reference to working in the interests of the Spider-queen Lolth. The heroes later reasoned that his disappearance in the spider fight was planned, and that he probably used something in the lair to make contact with Lolth’s agents. At a critical moment, while the adventurers were eavesdropping on some of the most powerful figures in Vaasa, Akneth alerted the villains to the party’s presence and delivered a nearly fatal backstab to Tsol. During that fight, Akneth was delivered what should have been a fatal blow. However instead of perishing, he transformed into a swarm of spiders that dispersed and crawled away.

The heroes next encountered him in the ruins of Dun Tharos where he was working in the employ of the Queen Abiding – a demon queen in the service of Lolth. Akneth stole the Moaning Crown of Ndulu out of the party’s grasp and gave it to the Queen. Later, the heroes infiltrated the Queen’s lair and fought Akneth again along with a cadre of Drow and demons loyal to the Queen. During the fight, Akneth displayed much more spider-like, demonic power than during his time adventuring with the party. The heroes won the fight but once again Akneth managed to escape their vengeance and flee into the night.

First Appearance: Level 11
Appearances: Level 11, Level 12, Level 13, Level 16