Dark Phoenix

The artifact sword currently wielded by Alkorahil. The sword formerly belonged to Fenghuang (Phoenix 鳳凰), the third angel of White Wing, one of the Kara-Tur gods of life.

When the Spellplague first hit Kara-tur, a swath of spellfire sprung up with a chaotic power that turned life to undeath and undeath to life. This ribbon of spellfire grew with each life that it touched and threatened to expand out of control. Fenghuang was dispatched to control the blaze. Working together with the angel of death, both angels sacrificed themselves to seal away the spellfire. Much later, due to the actions of the Celestial Dragon Monks, the spellfire was once again released and this time the angel’s power was not enough to contain it. Reaching out for an anchor, the phoenix of life latched on to Alkorahil’s essence, which was born in the celestial energy of the astral plane. Working together thay managed to corral the spellfire. Alkorahil sacrificed his his life in the effort but due to the nature of the spellfire his body was reanimated as undead. In honor of has sacrifice, Alkorhil was presented with Fenghuang’s sword.

The people of Kara-tur believe that a warrior’s sword contains the essence of their spirit. This seems to be particularly true in the case of Dark Phoenix as the sword is intelligent, willful, and follows the values of its former owner. In fact, based on discussions with the sword and recent events, Alkorahil has begun to suspect that the sword actually is Phoenix or some aspect of him. The weapon is honorable, proud, values life, and hates undeath. The sword particularly enjoys the rebirth and restoration (hatching as it calls it) of powerful forces for life and virtue.

The sword claims that its veneer has been dimmed ever since its former owner become intertwined with the angel of death (it shares a kinship with Alkorahil in this regard due to his current undead status). That is why it calls itself Dark Phoenix.

The sword itself originally appeared as a beautifully crafted katana with black flame that played across the blade whenever its powers were are called upon. After long exposure to Alkorahil, the blade has changed to look like a longsword. It now produces brightly illuminating fire with only flecks of darkness within.

First Appearance: Level 15
Appearances: Level 15, Level 16, Level 17, Level 18, Level 19

Dark Phoenix