Encounters By Level

Level 6

  • Yellow Rose Monks
  • Elite Monks
  • Owlbears
  • Orc Raiders
  • Iyetrayoo

Level 7

  • ROUS – Wererat Bandits and Vine Horrors
  • Toadstools – Bog Hag, Sporeback Frog, Gibbering Mouther, and Myconids
  • Crazed Human Hexer and Giant Mosquitos
  • Frog horns – Visejaw Crocodiles, Rust Monsters, and Wyvern
  • Lizardman Hunting Party
  • Undead Patrol – Wight Necromancer, Skeletal Archers, 4-armed Skeletal Tomb Guardian, Specter, Warforged Barbarian, and Web Golem
  • Svennie’s Thieves
  • Major Skill Challenge – Frog Jumping Contest

Level 8

  • Orcs and Plaguechanged Beast
  • Orc Riders and Dire Wolves
  • Ghostly Knights and Grief Wraiths
  • Elite Orcs
  • Dwarf Cultists – Thunderboar Cavalry
  • Dwarf Cultist Guard, Bugbear Beast Wranglers, Boars, and Nighthound
  • “Lord” Ablair the Corrupter and Dwarf Throne Guard Cultists
  • White Worm – Remorhaz

Level 9

Level 10

Level 11

  • Arctide Runespiral Demons and Needle Demons
  • Garden – Ambush Vine, Prismatic Shard, and Water Archon Shoal Reavers
  • Forge – Helmed Horrors, Dancing Dirk, and Fire Lasher
  • Toys – Razor Hydra
  • Lab – Grell Philosopher and Dweomer Eaters
  • Count Bereg Loroth, Runic Gargoyles, Babau Demon, Maw Demon, and lots of clones

Level 12

Level 13

  • Warlock Knight Caravan and Ogre Escort
  • Major Skill Challenge – Onboard the Freewheeling Fortress
  • Warlocks and Star Spawn
  • Giant Spider’s Web – Bristle Spider, Spider Swarms, and Roper
  • Duergar Miners
  • Unholy Alliance – Banelar Naga, Malrite Angel of Vengeance, Shardsoul Avatar, and Akneth
  • Escape – Warlock Knights and Shardsoul Dragon

Level 14

  • Undead Patrol I – Death Knight and Ghost Legionnaires
  • Undead Patrol II – Red Wizard Lich, Ghouls, and Undead Purple Worm
  • Dinner Party – Various Undead Invaders – Boneclaw, Cyclops Skeleton, Devourer, Wights, and Jeeves the Unseen Servant
  • Theatre – Ghost Beholder and Banshees
  • Vampire Halflings and Mummy
  • Temple of Flame – Fire Archon Blazesteels and Fire Elementals
  • Beholder Eye of Flame and Fire Salamander Archers
  • Red Wizard Lich, Boneclaw, and Bodaks
  • Szass Tam

Level 15

  • White Apes and Girallon
  • Ten Brothers
  • Seven Spirits of Luck
  • Kappa
  • Ninja Assassins
  • Major Skill Challenge – The Paths of Light and Darkness
  • Yi Hou (Couatl) and Dragon Samurai Minions
  • Spellfire Wizard and Plaguechanged Ghouls

Level 16

  • Rimefire Griffons
  • Scarecrows and Cloaker Lord
  • Demon Patrol – Mezzodemons and Vrocks
  • Demon Bar – Quarraks, Maw Demon, and Malgodemon
  • Eschar and Tannaraks
  • Drow Warriors and Babau Demons
  • Iyetrayoo
  • Akneth, Drow Assassins, Arachnomancer, and Babau Demons
  • Queen Abiding, Yochlol Demon Handmaidens, and Haures “Boyfriend” Demon

Level 17

  • Xonox Level: Demon Cultists and Demons (Abyssal Eviscerator, Immolith, Yagnodemon, Rageborn Barbclaw, and Spawn of Yeenoghu)
  • Volisupula Level: Marilith, Bulezau, Ferrolith, Chaoswing Incubus, and Ruin Demon
  • Juiblex Level: Cultist, Spawn of Juiblex Ooze Horrors, and Faceless Plague Hurlers
  • Outcasts’ End Level: Nalfeshnee Swineguard, Hezrou, Cultists and Ndulu
  • Haagenti Level: Major Trap and Puzzle
  • Orcus Level: Undead Demon Circus (Ringleader, Ventriloquist, Big Bertha, Concession Vendor, and “Bobo” the Dancing Bear)
  • Graz’zt Level: Demon Chess
  • Tharos, Aspect of Adimarchus (Pink Elephant), Aspect of Volisupula (Queen Demonbee), Aspect of Juiblex (HIV Blood Demon), and Aspect of Azazel (Zovvut)

Level 18

Level 19

  • Frost Giants
  • White Worms – Remorhazes
  • Minesweeper trap and Mavawhan Demons
  • Mirror Darkly trap
  • Moonshadow

The Crossover

Level 20

  • Akneth, Yochlol, Haures, Draegloth Abomination, Drow Warriors

Encounters By Level