Ironfell Council


Ruling the bleak and dismal swamplands of Vaasa, hidden within their dark fortress located in the center of Telos City, are thirteen of the most sinister villains of all time: The Ironfell Council.

The Ironfell Council is made up of the 12 greatest Warlock Knight Vindicators in the entire nation and ruled over by the evil, prophet known as the Voice of Telos. Each member of the council rules with an iron hand over one important aspect of the Vaasan political system and war machine.

  1. The Voice of Telos – The undisputed leader of the council. The Voice and his legion of Luminaries act as priests would in other societies – roaming the land and claiming to interpret the will of the primordial, Telos. In fact, the Voice and his minions hold Telos in thrall and locked in a comatose state so that they can leech his power. The entire Vassan war machine is built around the ironfell mined from the ever-regenerating body of Telos and the violet, star-like energy that it can produce. As leader of those that keep Telos under their thumb, the Voice commands the most power in the entire nation.
  2. Narijo Coalhand – Vindicator of Strategy. The son of well-known Vaasan nobleman, rumor has it that Narijo attended the famous War College of Chessenta and was later expelled for the callous and radical strategies that he proposed. Possessing a brilliant but twisted mind, this Vindicator has directed the resources of Vaasa to maximum effect allowing the small, resource-poor nation to conquer its much larger and more prosperous neighbors.
  3. Rakena Ke’rani – Vindicator of Recruitment (Slavery). Legend tells that this comely Vindicator began her life in Vaasa as a slave herself but managed to ruthlessly seduce and/or murder her way to her current position. She manages all of the populace conquered by Vaasa and has displayed a masterful touch on when to press them and when to show mercy in order to avoid any kind of a revolt.
  4. Gazreld Nyt – Vindicator of Waste Management (Undead). Rumor has it that Gazreld was once an apprentice of the Witch-king Zhengyi. This lich and his fellow necromancers animate the slain soldiers of Vaasa and her enemies alike – turning casualties into new resources.
  5. Groltug – Vindicator of Auxiliary Forces. The stories say that this sadistic troll once ate the brain of a Mind Flayer and became exponentially smarter. He used his new-found cunning to dominate his pack and the other monsters in his area of Vaasa. Groltug is now in charge of all of the monsters recruited by the Vassans for their war including: trolls, orgres, goblins, orcs, gnolls, giants, and other more exotic creatures.
  6. Lien Ixmund – Vindicator of Engineering. Rumors tell of Lien travelling the world in search of any information on engineering, science, and construction that he can get his hands on. Reportedly he has learned from dwarven mastersmiths, gnome engineers that survived the destruction of Lantan, and even mad-science cultists dedicated the the demon Haagenti. Unfortunately for those that teach him, Ixmund covets the knowledge only for himself and kills his teachers once he has learned their secrets. He settled in Vaasa because they allow him use his knowledge to build evil inventions unconstrained by morality.
  7. Clodgrumble – Vindicator of Mining. Clodgrumble was a member of the clan of Duergar dwarves than resided in the Underdark below Telos City before the Warlock Knight came to power. After he was contacted by the Voice of Telos and shown the possibilities for mining ironfell from the comatose body of Telos, Grodgrumble murdered the former leader of the clan (with the Voice’s aid) and assumed control. Now he and his legion of dark dwarves mine the body of Telos and forge the ironfell into the weapons used by the armies of Vaasa.
  8. Ang-rantiss – Vindicator of Spies. Very little is known about this Vindicator. Rumor has it that he is a native of Vaasa and was a successful assassin before joining the legions of the Warlock Knights. His spy network has not produced any grand results at undermining Vaasa’s enemies but has been exceptionally adept at killing any rumor that the Warlock Knights are keeping Telos prisoner and stealing his power.
  9. Vindicator of Transportation. The Vindicator in this position is in charge of providing transport for the armies as well as maintaining the flow of resources and supplies. The position was formerly held by Mansard Kanaoth until he lost control of the Freewheeling Fortress and disappeared. The next person to hold the position was Ander Llast but he was executed after he allowed a surprise strike by Impiltur using the Star Sextant to break Vaasa’s supply lines and stall out their offensive. Several other Warlock Knights are vying for the vacant position but none of them have been powerful enough to claim it for long.
  10. Drallor Blacktide – Vindicator of the Navy. Drallor is one of the more successful pirate captains that plied his trade based out of Pirate Isle on the Sea of Fallen Stars. After he got wind of Vaasa’s new expansionist policies, he recognized the opportunity for profit and placed his fleet at their command in exchange for a seat on the Council. The surprise raids by his pirates cut off the badly needed supplies being shipped to Impiltur by her allies. His fleet is currently blockading the port cities of Lyrabar and New Sarshel.
  11. Zaroc Tikbit – Vindicator of Procurement. Rumor has it Zaroc is a former Priest of Waukeen that was expelled from Amn from running so many shady and one-sided deals that he almost destroyed the entire economy of the city of Athkatla. He now expertly runs the finances and trading of Vaasa, taking their ill-gotten spoils of war and turning those into even more resources (like food and mercenaries) to fuel the war machine. Of course, Tikbit still skims plenty of profit for himself off of the top.
  12. Podol Kett – Vindicator of Air Forces. Podol is a former member of the Brotherhood of the Griffon that betrayed his comrades and joined Vaasa. Tiring of taking orders and dealing with ornery mounts, it was love at first sight when Podol first laid eyes on the jet-packs in use by some of the Vaasans. Using his knowledge of aerial combat and tactics picked up while with the Brotherhood, Podol convinced the Warlock Knights of how great an asset an aerial force could be for them. Under his direction the Warlock Knights used the ironfell mined from Telos, Master of the Iron Sky, to construct an arsenal of flying troopers and war machines.
  13. Dram Tinir – Vindicator of Morale. Dram is a former ambassador of court in Cormyr that was forced to flee in exile after he was discovered taking bribes from the Netherese. Later, he found new a place as Vindicator where his legions of scribes, bards, and messengers constantly spin the Vaasan war effort. Basically under his direction, the group is effectively lying their asses off to the people of Vaasa and to the countries abroad about the motivations, actions, and results of the war between Vaasa and her neighboring countries.

Ironfell Council