Magic Items By Level

Level 6
Thunderburst Shuriken +2
Ice Axe + 2

Level 7
Rod of First Blood+2
Cloak of Survival +2
Four Horned Helm
Ring of Strings

Level 8
Gageteer’s Goggles
Frostwolf Pelt +2
Ricochet Shield
Diamond Cincture
Carnivak’s Black Bag
Mindshell Rune
Sending Stones
Frostfire Axe

Level 9
Broken One Tattoo
Oghma’s Scroll of Binding
Stone of Earth
Earthreaver Stompers
Fragrance of Authority
Golden Perfection

Level 10
Armors of the Galactic Anvil
Nightmare Horseshoes
Philosopher’s Crown
Farslayer Spear +3
Timeless Locket +3
Ring of Featherfall

Level 11
Seed of War
Carcanet of Psychic Schism
Foe-maker Longsword +3
Bahardim’s Runic Shield

Level 12
Mask of Slithering
Boots of Blood
Armor of the Crimson Tide

Level 13
Wand of Wonder +4
Ship in a Bottle (as per Astral Skiff)
Premonition Ring

Level 14
Life Force Amulet +4
Gift of Fire
Horn of Demonfire

Level 15
Bone Ring of Better Fortune
Raven Cloak +4
Goggles of the Hawk
Cat Tabi
Bahardim’s Runic Gauntlets
Dark Phoenix

Level 16
Ring of Circling Fangs
Executioner’s Axe +4
Elven Chain Shirt +2
Spidersilk Mantle +4

Level 17
Wraithblade + 4
Rod of Beguiling + 4
Chaos Cloak +4
Summoned Legion Plate Armor +5

Level 18
Ornament of Alertness + 5
Bloodhunt Axe of Execution

Level 19
Dust of Creation
Earthbind Lodestone
Elixir of Resurection

The Crossover
Crystal Rifle
Amber Fly
Wand of Wonder + 5
Magic Item Super-charge to + 5

Magic Items By Level