Moon Elves

Commonly used to refer to the group of Moon Elves living in the Gray Forest of Impiltur. Thousands of years ago a group of moon elves received a vision from their goddess, Selune, and left their ancient home on a holy pilgrimage. Guided by the stars, they crossed the nearby Sea of Fallen Stars until they found the powerful artifact that they were searching for. The magical device, the Star Sextant, depending on the alignment of the stars, had the power to open a magical portal to anywhere in the cosmos. The elves built their city of Gray Haven around the relic and dedicated their lives to its study and protection. The elves’ society does not have any royal command structure but is instead dedicated to research and exploration. A diplomatically elected administrator directs policy and arbitrates disputes for the community. However, the elves are far from defenseless as during their exploration they have found or traded for a large stockpile of powerful magical items. They prefer items with star-like themes. The moon elves’ elite groups of explorers are known as Star Rangers. Like all Moon Elves (or sometimes called Silver Elves) on Faerun, this group is actually a subspecies of Eladrin. They are an attractive people, with fair, pale skin and long hair the color of spun silver or deepest black.

First Appearance: Level 9

Known Members:


Moon Elves