This Rimefire Griffon is Kriv’s mount. In the skies over the pines and bogs of Dunwood, the heroes encountered a flight of rimefire griffons that were fleeing from some other danger. In a panic, the griffons attacked the heroes and the party was forced to subdue several of them including Peter. Later, when the adventurers encountered a patrol of demons, Peter displayed a ferocious hatred of the demons, broke free of his restraints, and flew into the battle to attack them. Kriv was able to use his training to leap onto its back and together the pair scoured the demons from the skies. The two have formed an inseparable bond since then are rarely found apart except when circumstances require it.

First Appearance: Level 16

Peter – Rimefire Griffon (Level 20) Initiative: +17, HP: 186, Bloodied: 93, AC: 35, Fortitude: 37, Reflex: 33, Will: 32, Speed: 5, Fly: 10 (hover), Overland Flight: 15, Resist: 10 Cold and Fire

  • Bite: (standard, at-will) +25 vs. AC, 1d8 +14 damage + 1d10 cold damage
  • Flyby Attack: (standard, at-will) Peter flies up to his speed and makes 1 Bite attack at any point during the movement. Peter does not provoke opportunity attacks when moving away from the target of the Bite.
  • Rimefire Blast: (standard, starts uncharged, recharge after hitting 2x with Bite) Close Blast: 5, +23 vs. Reflex, 2d10 + 10 fire damage
  • Rider Resistance: (Mount) Peter grants its rider resist 10 cold and fire
  • Skills: Perception: 14, Str24, Dex20, Con18, Int6, Wis18, Cha10