Bahardim Stonerender


Dwarf Rune Priest: Clone of an evil genius. He now forges his own destiny

Short like a dwarf. Stout like a dwarf. Even drinks like a dwarf. Must be a dwarf.

Shaper of Runes,
Wielder of the Golden Perfection,
Destroyer of Clan Loroth,
Founder of Clan Stonerender,
and Childa’s furry little man.

(not Bubbles)

Following the defeat of his corrupted clone siblings and the disbanding of clan Loroth, Bahardim was awarded the title of Count. His first action (aside from casting the swing vote that ruined the plans of the corrupted council) was the removal of the old clan name of Loroth in favor of one forged from his own ideals: Clan Stonerender. Many of the freed slaves have since returned to the old keep and been given places among the new clan. These former slaves have found new life, and have begun the restoration of the old Loroth grounds and keep. A new forge project has been undertaken with the discovery of new runes. While Bahardim has continued to adventure alongside his companions, most of the management of the Stonerender hold has fallen to the lovely Childa Bennings (or as Bahardim likes to call her, Lady Stonerender). Long distance relationships are a pain in the butt. The communication stones have turned out to be both a blessing and a problem at times. On one hand, it is extremely nice to be able to call Childa to say goodnight. And on the other… let’s just say that sometimes the rock starts buzzing at really inconvenient times (like when you’re in the sneaky part of an adventure).

Bahardim Stonerender