Brother Thomas

Cleric of Oghma and aide to Sir Alkorahil de Behaumis. This academic human definitely prefers to further knowledge by research and reading rather actively participating in adventures. He was assigned to Gray Haven by the church to help chronicle the information collected by the Moon Elves and otherwise assist Alkorahil with whatever he needed. Brother Thomas was drafted into travelling with the heroes to the demon-infested city of Dun Tharos and into the Demontower due to his talent for translating Abyssal (the language of demons). Despite his obvious fear, he acquitted himself well and miraculously survived both encounters.

First Appearance: Level 11
Appearances: Level 11, Level 16, Level 17

Brother Thomas (Level 11) Initiative: +6, HP: 94, Bloodied: 47, AC: 25, Fortitude: 23, Reflex: 23, Will: 23, Speed: 5

  • Warhammer: (standard, at-will) +15 vs. AC, 1d8 +9 damage
  • Healing Word: (standard, recharge: 5-6) Close burst 5, targets 1 ally, the target heals 15 hit points
  • Bolt of Genius: (standard, encounter) Close burst 5, targets 1 ally, the target regains the use of 1 expended encounter power
  • I Think Therefore: (standard, daily) Range 5, +14 vs. Will. The target is dominated (save ends)
  • Strategic Positioning: +2 bonus to all defenses while adjacent to an ally
  • Skills: Perception: 7, Arcana: 14, History: 13, Heal: 11, Str16, Dex13, Con14, Int18, Wis16, Cha14
  • Equipment: Chainmail, Light shield, Warhammer, Holy Symbol, Cloak of the Walking Wounded +2.


Brother Thomas