Dragonborn Ranger: Griffon rider and Admiral of air forces

Kriv: Bounty Hunter.

The criminal was wanted, alive or dead. Kriv was forced to choose the latter. It was a worthy battle, and honorable, but none of that mattered now. He had just heard news that his clan had been attacked and driven from their homes by marauding undead monsters. Surely it would a legion at least to challenge his mighty clan and ferocious warriors. He rushed back to his homeland, both furious that he was not there to help and share in the glorious battle, and afraid of what he might find. If the abominations slaughtered his family he would never stop until every last damn dirty dead was destroyed.

Not completely aware of his own exhaustion, Kriv dropped to his knees and roared to the heavens as he looked upon the ruined village. Corpses littered the charred ruins of his once proud village. Buildings burned and collapsed, fields destroyed, and even his own home once filled with laughing children and his beautiful wife, was not spared. Amidst the rubble, Kriv saw what would haunt his dreams from that day forward. The undead had taken no mercy, his wife and children lie slain in front of him. He cried out in agony as he fell down beside his slaughtered family.

Soon rage replaced his sorrow. He picked himself up and began scanning for anything that might lead him to the murderous monsters. What he found was a shrine. A shrine to Bahamut that was impossibly intact amidst the remains. As he stood gawking and wondering how it could have survived, he was struck by a brilliant white light that consumed his vision and drowned out all other thought. Now only aware of the light, shapes began manifesting and slowly Kriv began to realize he was watching, no… not watching, somehow existing inside of a vision.

He watched as Thousands of undead warriors fell upon yet another town destroying, burning, killing and maiming. Then he watched in awe as a heavenly winged army descended on them swiftly dispatching undead with swords and magic, Kriv had never witnessed such a display of fierce talent. Pride filled his heart as he saw they were being led by a Dragonborn. As the battle led the leader closer to Kriv he caught a glimpse of his battle hardened face. Momentarily stunned he realized he was looking at himself.

The vision stopped abruptly, leaving him staring at the shrine to Bahamut. He had never been much of a pious dragonborn, but as sense of great purpose washed over him he felt a divine call to action and knew what he must do. He must avenge his clan, reclaim their honor, and destroy the wicked undead… or die trying.